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Our Story

In 2020, Bella experienced shedding, & flaky skin as a result of her skin's sensitivity. After several skin rashes, face eczema, acne breakouts, and multiple doctor visits later, Bella's mother  decided to make a holistic alternative to help alleviate Bella's dry skin and ongoing skin concerns. I recall a time when my daughter had a terrible face rash that resembled several tiny bumps all over her cheeks, chin, and forehead (imagine the texture of a nestle crunch bar). In my opinion, health care professionals were too quick to minimize and/or dismiss my growing concerns regarding her skin sensitivities and too quick to prescribe steroids and other prescriptions that I felt may have been too harsh to use on our infant’s skin. 


I am passionate about all things holistic and clean, so I had an idea to formulate an organic handmade cream using ingredients that serves as a natural alternative to the prescriptions and steroids. For two and a half years, I have been perfecting “Bella’s Original”. My husband noticed how nice Bella’s skin looked, so he began using her special cream for his eczema, peeling skin, face and beard. I began making larger batches since it became the “go to” for all of our skincare routines, and we began sharing the love with friends and family. As Bella got older, she began helping me mix, make and package her cream. What started as me making a healthier alternative for my daughter’s skin sensitivities has become our household staple for skincare, a new tradition, and a bond shared between mother and daughter. We are a family filled with love, lots of laughter, and lots of silliness. The name Cheeks 2 Socks came about after my husband noticed Bella would apply the cream after bath time wearing only her socks and it stuck.

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